Second Long Toes
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Welcome to a site dedicated to women with longer second toes.

Does is turn you on when you look down and realize that a woman has longer second toes than her first? Is it considered a PLUS to you when a girl takes off her shoes and you see her second toe stretching the socks she's wearing? Or better yet when she takes off her socks and her second toe is towering over the rest of her toes?

Well you are in the right PLACE!

This site is your number 1 , one stop shop for all you who love for your women to have a longer second toe than their big toe. Inside you will lots of pictures and videos to please your long toe needs. I myself have looked long and far for a place dedicated to these eccentric women and came up nothing but short. Now I have taken matters into my own hands and decided to give everyone who prefers these types of women a place to come!

It is often said that women with longer second toes or whats more commonly referred to as Morton toe is a sign that a woman is intelligent, sexy and has great insight. I believe all these to be true which is why I have sought out only women with this particular trait.Some women feel insecure about their longer second toes but now they have a place where they can openly show them off and have a place where people can come to worship them for their beautiful feet. I want to turn their once insecurity is now their favorite part of their body.


Have any ideas or suggestion? Want to be a model? Know someone who wants to be a model? Feel free to send me an e-mail! Don't hesitate... This site was built for the people who love this type of foot fetish, therefore we can put together custom sets and videos catering to what you all prefer! :)

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